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The LCWW Group

The LCWW Group

The LCWW Group

Do you ever feel like you’re at your happiest staring into the eyes of a feline?

Does the sight of a fellow human wearing cat ears fill you with joy?

I felt like all my Christmases had come at once when I discovered LCWW Group and started attending their UK shows as a vendor. I no longer had to be embarrassed about my need to share photos of my beloved felines! If attendees didn’t have their own cats they sure loved sharing stories of past pets and their favourite breeds. I also got to hang out with my new buddy Childstar Samantha in Birmingham and Liverpool. We discovered a shared love of g&t and drum n’ bass! Sisters supporting each other’s businesses and sharing ideas. This year I am determined to meet more of my artists and bounce off their love of kitties, sustainability and the giving of beautiful gifts so watch this space! 2024 will bring new treasures and artists as The Ethical Cat grows and evolves.
Love Shelley, Tofu, Indy, Baby Ra, Ivy & Fugi

Shelley Brown
The Good Life (Stockport) Ltd
28 Bridge Street Brow