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An insight into the creator of Meowie Cat – Childstar Samantha

An insight into the creator of Meowie Cat – Childstar Samantha

An insight into the creator of Meowie Cat – Childstar Samantha

An instant kindred spirit

As soon as I came across Samantha’s work I knew she would be fabulous! We set up a FaceTime call and almost 2 hours later we were still chatting! We buzzed off our similarities and Samantha has been instrumental in helping me mentally and physically get this project off the ground.

I really wanted to know more about her design inspiration.

Q1. Did a particular kitty inspire Retro Workout Kitty?

Workout Kitty was based on an earlier illustration called Physical Kitty – in fact the print is still available – of a white cat with a patterned headband, sunshine yellow background and the phrase ‘let’s get physical’ – obviously inspired by the late great Olivia Newton a John!

When I was invited to exhibit at the Brighton i360’s first ever Artists Open House in May 2022, Workout Kitty was one of the designs I created around the prints I showed. I developed the illustration further to celebrate Pride with a rainbow headband and created their character – Workout Kitty loves protein shakes, busting out the zumba moves and equality for all activism,

Q2. I adore your Meowie Cat keychains, can you tell us a little about the wood you use?

Thank you! Yes it’s European Birch plywood created from sustainable sources. I plant a tree for every sale – even when sold by my stockists and so I love that someone buying this small piece of wood results in a whole new tree being planted!

The wood is printed and laser cut, and has a beautiful finish to it – the colours are really vibrant, I was blown away when I received my first samples from the printer!

Q3. Are you a big Bowie fan?!

Bowie was awesome. I really admire his trailblazing spirit – he always seemed to do whatever he wanted and was a master of storytelling. Everything he did was so stylish and unique.

Also I got married in the Old Palace in Bromley (where he was from), which is where he married his first wife!!

Q4. You seem to love rainbows. Is this because you live in the fantastically inclusive Brighton?

My first rainbow illustration was Rainbow Kitty – which I launched before Meowie Cat. I’m a massive lover of vibrant colours and rainbows were all the rage at that point!

And then when I moved to Brighton, I added the rainbow element to Workout Kitty as mentioned above in honour of the LGBTQ Community, which is one of the many things I love about where I live.

I also have the Rainbow Heart collection which features the words Brighton, Love or Pride. They seem to be really popular with the locals and tourists alike!

Q5. Have you got any exciting new products in the pipeline?

I have some brand new prints, mugs and coasters launching soon featuring Workout Kitty and Spectacles Kitty as a set of 4 (although they’re also available individually).

I’ve also been experimenting with some new wooden jewellery that I’m decorating with coloured and metallic foils, and gold leaf. There might just be some cat-themed pieces too so stay tuned!